Leader of LIFE project “Wetlands” reports of success to Slītere National Park advisory committee

PUBLISHED: 20. 03. 2019

On March 20, 2019, the LIFE+ project “Wetlands” leader, dr. biol. Māra Pakalne informed the advisory committee of Slītere National Park about planned activities and results in project sites – Bažu Mire, Pēterezers and Kukšupe Inter-dune Mires.

Seminar and excursion to Pēterezera inter-dune mire was organized for teachers within the frame of LIFE project “Wetlands”. Photo: M.Pakalne.

Habitat management activities included hydrological regime stabilization in degraded part of Bažu Mire after building wooden and peat dams. Whereas tree and shrub cutting and removal was performed in both inter-dune mires to sustain open habitat. To follow success of activities, hydrology and habitat monitoring was realized before and after management.

Detailed description of activities, their necessity and technical information was given in Habitat and Hydrology Restoration Plan for Slītere National Park established within the frame of LIFE project.

Full report to advisory committee is available here.