The project site Pēterezera Inter-dune Mire among the guided trips at Slītere Travelers Days

PUBLISHED: 06. 06. 2015

From June 6 to 7, 2015, Slītere Travelers Days were celebrated already the sixth time at the Slītere National Park. Pēterezera nature trail was among the others where visitors were invited to join guided tours to explore cultural, historical and nature value of the objects. This year, the event was dedicated to edible things, potherbs, and natural food chains (more information here). For this reason the nature guide and project mire expert Līga Strazdiņa paid more attention to forest and mire plants with food or medical value.

Purvu eksperte iepazīstina ar ekskursijas vietu | Autors: Krišjānis Libauers

Mire expert introducing with excursion route | Author: Krišjānis Libauers

Priežu čiekuru sīrupa degustēšana | Autors: Krišjānis Libauers

Degustation of pine cone syrup | Author: Krišjānis Libauers

The nature trail leads through inter-dune complex where dry pine forest, wet broadleaved forests, fens and poor fens are present. Different tree, herb, bryophyte and lichen species can be found in each of the habitat, besides many of the species can be used as tea, have edible roots or fruits. Also poisonous plants are distributed in the nature trail and notes for their recognition were given.

Zied meža ķiploks jeb laksis | Autors: Krišjānis Libauers

Wild garlic | Author: Krišjānis Libauers

Dabas taka ved cauri kangaru-vigu kompleksam | Autors: Krišjānis Libauers

Nature trail in the inter-dune complex | Author: Krišjānis Libauers

The nature trail lead to the Mazais and Lielais Peterezera Lakes. Mire plants but especially the insectivorous plant sundew and sweetgale raised interest among the excursion participants. Mire expert gave short insight also in project “Wetlands” aim and objectives and showed places in the mire where density of shrubs has been increased.

Aizaugšanas process Pēterezera vigā | Autors: Māra Pakalne

Increased shrub layer in Pēterezera Inter-dune Mire | Author: Māra Pakalne